About me

                                             Hi, So lovely you came.

I’m Miranda Haak. I share my life with my great love. And i’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls. And where my first girl was born, I was born as a mother. A whole new life began. From awareness, and searching for my own self, what it is that’s important. Seeking and struggling with uncertainty, doubting, making everyone happy, not knowing, it was my oldest girl who started giving me life lessons. Who taught me to fight for her and me. And there began the search that ended in a journey to a more conscious life. Choose for more natural food and products, yoga, meditation, massage, essential oils and want to do more and better for Mother Earth. Little by little we changed things in our daily lives and still are changing and learning things every day. Products were replaced with natural products. And after I have welcomed 2 beautiful girls in our house, we continued to take steps in a more conscious life that is good for us and for our Earth. It’s about little steps, making healthier choices and taking care of our world.

 “He is richest who is content with the least,

for content is the wealth of nature.”